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Senior Living Community Myths

We see seniors, all too often, in our industry, approach the need for a senior living solution but have never made their wishes known to those closest to them. This is true even between husband and wife. Many times, however, if both aging spouses know each other's preferences for retirement living, they don't always agree on what that should be. It's very common for one spouse to be very excited about moving into a senior living community but the other spouse sternly opposes the idea. The key to getting everyone on board for a move to a retirement community is to consider the multitude of benefits that come in a great retirement home like amazing amenities, superior assisted care where necessary, all-inclusive living, and vibrant socialization.

A big hurdle to overcome, when choosing a senior living community, is, most often, the belief in a myth rather than seeking out the reality. Here are several senior living myths we want to debunk so that you can be empowered in your decision process for choosing a senior living, retirement, or assisted living community in Spring TX.

Senior Living Myth 1: It's like Nursing Homes in the Old Days

When many people think "senior living" they immediately get this picture in their mind of a stinky, run down, depressing nursing home that has been in decay for decades. The truth is, while some of those facilities do still exist, more modern communities are nothing like that. Assisted Living and Retirement Apartment communities, like Ella Springs Senior Living in Spring, Texas, have designed a facility and a culture that anyone would enjoy. Luxurious amenities, beautiful construction, spacious floor plans, delicious dining prepared by a chef, and multiple social entertainment options are a staple to life there. Many places will even encourage you to tour the community and check out the daily events activities, and stay for a meal. Senior living is nothing like it used to be. The all-inclusive lifestyle has become something seniors look forward to.

Senior Living Myth 2: I Will Lose My Individuality and My Privacy

The needs of every senior are different. A good senior living facility will show cater to each residents individual needs of assistance and desire for independence. Assistance can take on many forms, such as help with bathing, dressing, meal planning, medication reminders and more. Don't worry, though. No one will be exposed for their physical struggles, but rather their dignity preserved and their lives celebrated. With spacious private rooms and a no-pressure environment, seniors have the freedom to retain as much privacy as they want and need and are encouraged to participate in the things they feel comfortable and so desire.

The best way to choose the right senior living, assisted living and memory care options in a retirement community is to go visit. Meet the staff and the other residents. Plan a tour with the facility but also stop by spontaneously to see what life is like on a normal day. Most fears and concerns will be eased when you experience the community. Spring,TX is a great place to discover how different senior living can be.

Posted by Ella Springs Senior Living on 11/17/2016 10:18:20 AM

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